More Dog Agility Grid Work with Susan Salo

This is a great video on grid work with a Rhodesian Ridgeback at a Susan Salo clinic.

They title and show some of the different grid work as well as some of the mistakes that can happen.

The dog is obviously a puppy as you will see him get distracted and contract a case of the zoomies.

The only bad part is that we cannot hear the solution to the issues that are presented.

Do you reward the dog when it successfully completes the grids but then takes off with zoomies?

When the dog took both jumps instead of putting in a bounce you can see they lowered the first jump.

This way the dog knows it can clear the first without jumping and thus focuses on the second jump individually.

Jumps are the main component of most agility courses, so it stands to reason we need to spend a lot of time teaching our dogs how to properly use themselves over the jumps. Not only will this increase their confidence on the course, it will protect them against injury from inexperience.

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